Saturday, February 27, 2016

Tools And Techniques For Mental Health And Happiness - The Fast Track For Behavior Change: Corrective Cognitions

Experience gained from my 30+ years  in practice as a cognitive-behavioral psychologist shows that with the right tools people readily learn to elevate and maintain emotional well-being and happiness. 

At the Think Right Feel Right Blogoscope you will find the behavioral tools and techniques that help to ward off anxiety, depression and addiction.  You will learn about ways to defeat troubling emotions such as anger, worry and sadness.  You will also find practical strategies for increasing self-esteem, positivity and for being a happier you. 

Why Do Corrective Cognitions Fast Track Behavior Change?  Corrective cognitions change thoughts and, thoughts control behavior.  So, when we use a corrective cognition to change the way we think about something, we change the behavior and feelings that are controlled by this thinking.  If I decide to like catsup, I will feel better about catsup and probably buy and eat more of it.

When we change our thoughts (cognitions), we change.  If I think pitbulls are dangerous, I will be afraid of them and want to avoid them.  A useful corrective cognition in this instance might be, "These dogs have gotten a bad rap.  If they are treated well, they are usually very sweet."  Next thing you know, I might have a pitbull of my own!

We accelerate behavior change by improving the way we think with corrective cognitions.  Losing weight is easier, and more likely, if I think, "I want to be trim and healthy," rather than, "I guess I will have to go on another diet." Improving the way we think, replacing problematic thoughts with better ones, greatly improves our success rate for behavior change and happiness. Remember to stay tuned to #ThinkRightFeelRight for more practical #self-help

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