Friday, February 19, 2016

#Mental Health and #Happiness: What's #Love Got To Do With It? (Part 1)

Experience gained from my 30+ years in practice as a cognitive-behavioral psychologist shows that with the right tools people readily learn to elevate and maintain emotional well-being and happiness. At the Think Right Feel Right Blogoscope you will find the behavioral tools and techniques that help to ward off anxiety, depression and addiction. You will learn about ways to defeat troubling emotions such as anger, worry and sadness. You will also find practical strategies for increasing self-esteem, positivity and for being a happier you.

So what does love have to do with mental health and happiness?  Love has a great deal to do with it and so do you.  You need it and, you need to be doing it:  You need to love you!

Notice, I did not say: like you, try to love you, love you sometimes,  love you somewhat, or let someone else do it for you.  No, it is really important for you to love you,  no "ifs," no "buts," and no "maybes."  Do it right.  Go all in, no stutter-stepping.

Strong and unwavering self love creates essential emotional resources: it authenticates and deepens self-esteem;  it promotes proper caring and self-nurturance, and it strengthens personal security and resilience.  These are the essential ingredients for emotional health.  When self love is weak, we lack these essential  resources, and our mental health and happiness suffer.

If you think I might be overstating the importance of self-love, keep this in mind:  In over 30 years of private practice work, all or almost all of my clients were lacking in the ability to love themselves correctly, lacking in the ability to self-nurture correctly, and not surprisingly, symptomatic and unhappy as a result.

If you didn't learn how to love yourself enough while you were growing up (sadly, many have not), you owe it to yourself to learn how to do so now. Your emotional health and happiness depend upon it. 

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