Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Think Right, Feel Right: "Now you can chat with the author when you purchase this CBT guide

                            THINK RIGHT, FEEL RIGHT

New: Chat with the author!  People like chatting with authors about their books. Now you can here. When you purchase Think Right, Feel Right, you also get the opportunity to discuss this book with the author if you wish. Just text me at (215) 520-6803. Provide this purchase code (TRFR11119) and a good time to reach you. I will do my best to make it happen.

Think Right, Feel Right is a self-help book that actually shows you how. Using this easy-to-follow guide, you will improve your ability  to: 1) regulate your emotions; 2) ward off anxiety, depression, addiction as well as other problems; 3) build lasting self-esteem, and 4) sustain emotional well-being. With crystal-clear wording, the guide teaches you how to form the kind of mindset that will benefit you for a lifetime. You will have a complete tool set for lasting optimal emotional health.

Many operate under the illusion that we can diagnose and treat our way to emotional health. All we need is some medication or talk therapy. But too often, diagnose-and-treat strategies result in patching the tire rather than in providing better ones that remain road worthy. Patches fail. Treatment centers become revolving doors.

Talking our troubles away doesn't work very well. Experience is not the best teacher for emotional health either. Simply put, life experience does not assure reliable guidance or expertise for emotional health. We must look elsewhere for positive and more lasting solutions: solutions which give us the hands-on ability to steer away from emotional difficulties, build strong intrinsic self-esteem, and sustain happiness over a lifetime.

Think Right, Feel Right helps us develop these skills. Incorporating cutting-edge strategies from behavioral science, this innovative guide carefully and clearly presents the tools for achieving optimal emotional health. Step-by-step the guide teaches us how to solve problems with worry and anxiety, low self-esteem, depression and addiction, and build lasting emotional well-being. We learn how to regulate our thoughts and emotions, mindfully control our emotional well-being and live a happier life.

Life affords no guarantee that we learn how to feel well. If we don't know how to self-nurture or regulate our emotions correctly, happiness and emotional well-being will be scarce. We rely on substitutes like spending, eating, working, or alcohol and other drugs to prop up our sagging moods, increasing the chance for an addiction. Or, we struggle along with low self-esteem, anxiety and depression and try to buffer these telltale symptoms with medication. Think Right feel Right puts us on the right path: it teaches us how to feel well and stay feeling well.

Offering cover-to-cover self-help, Think Right, Feel Right delivers its powerful, behavior changing-message with logic and clarity. Its down-to-earth style, helpful examples, chapter summaries and study guide questions make it easy for readers to follow and learn from as well as apply in everyday life. Filled with evidenced-based, cognitive-behavioral tools, the guide empowers transformative personal growth, extending the opportunity for real help to many.

Although Think Right, Feel Right is not intended to be a substitute for professional help when indicated, it offers a long-needed, behavioral self-help for those seeking to improve their emotional health and well-being. Think Right, Feel Right is also an important educational resource for mental health professionals, educators, parents and others who are share interest in promoting emotional welfare and happiness.

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