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Happiness Starts Here, a CBT workbook that help kids gain happiness

The back cover announces our core belief and mission: "Everyone can be happier and more confident if they are given the chance. So, we want everyone to have that chance.

 At Happiness Starts Here, you will find wizardly learning materials (guides for kids, as well as parents, teachers and counselors) to improve emotional intelligence, self-esteem, happiness, and a whole lot more. Join us inside. Learn, have some fun, and become a happiness wizard! 

Most people have trouble describing what emotions are or the best ways to fix them. Without this knowledge, they have difficulty holding on to happiness. But don't worry, Happiness Starts Here will give you the answers you need to master your emotions and happiness."

Please join us. Helping children find greater happiness will greatly benefit them and generations to come. Together, we will make this shared belief a reality.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Happiness Starts Here: A New CBT Guide for Kids, as well as Parents, Teachers and Counselors ...

Look for my just released book: Happiness Starts Here. This CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) workbook is specifically designed to help young children build happiness and emotional health. #Happiness Starts Here is a new and important educational resource for kids, as well as parents, teachers, and counselors