Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Quite Possibly The Most Important Idea For Happiness & Emotional Health

I am so grateful that one of my clients recently reminded me of something she tells herself whenever she needs to regain her emotional composure.  I was blown away by the insightfulness of her thinking and told her so.  She said, "Well I learned this from you."  I want to pass along the essence of this extremely important idea while protecting her confidentiality. 

Paraphrasing what she said, she tells herself, "I feel the way I think. So when I want to feel better, I must correct the way I am thinking." And for me, that pretty much sums it all up: We only feel as well as we think. No better, no worse, no ifs, and no buts. Our happiness and mental health are forever determined by how well we apply this idea, so let's all get good at it!

Creating Greater Happiness & Emotional Health:  Because life doesn't offer the help we need, many of us struggle with happiness. But those who desire a happier and healthier life can create it.  My passion is working with people who have this desire.. 

The desire for a happy and healthy life moves us forward. We can learn the best ways to build strong self-esteem, the best ways to overcome problems with anxiety, depression and addiction, and the best ways to experience happier relationships over our lifetime.  By gaining this knowledge, we not only create a better world for ourselves, but also for our friends and family, and for the world around us.

As a cognitive-behavioral psychologist for more than three decades now, my experience shows that with the right tools we can readily learn how to elevate and maintain emotional well-being and happiness. I invite you to discover many of the essential tools right here at the Think Right, Feel Right Blogoscope.

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