Friday, August 5, 2016

Dial Back On The Political Vitriol

Our political pot has reached the boiling point. Fueled by mounting social and economic fears, a widening divide between liberals and conservatives and rampant zealotry, the conduct of our political campaigns has sunk to unsavory lows. This political season, almost anything goes. Day after day, we find ourselves surrounded by shameless half-truths, character assassinations and political diatribe driven by a win-at-any-cost fervor. The news cycle seizes upon and intensifies the discord. We get drawn into the degrading fracas.
Not in a good way, we become part of the problem. When those "on the other side" denigrate our values, we set aside the rules of civility and go on the attack. By descending into the same biased and ill-mannered behavior that we see in our political candidates, just like them we provoke conflict rather than reasoned discourse. We become part of the ill-tempered political drama that swirls around us. We become like them.
Yes, our values are precious to us, but that doesn't mean we are justified or well-served to throw away the rule book because others are. Civility and respect are always important. Emulating the ravaging political demeanor of this election cycle when our values are challenged brings no good. We feel and act better when we stand for what we believe in without the vitriol.

The inspiration for this site: I believe all of us can gain the skills for emotional health and happiness.  My passion is offering help to those who share this vision.  We can learn the ways to defeat anxiety, depression, and addiction and build strong self-esteem, positivity and happiness over a lifetime.  By gaining these critical life skills, we create a better world for ourselves and the world around us. 

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My vision here: I believe we can all learn the secrets of emotional health and happiness.   We can defeat troubling conditions such as anxiety, depression and addiction, and empower strong self-esteem, positivity and happiness over a lifetime.  My passion is helping others who share this vision.  

Experience gained from my 30+ years practice in cognitive-behavioral psychology shows that, when given the right tools, people readily learn to elevate and maintain emotional health and happiness.  At the Think Right Feel Right Blogoscope you will find  practical tools and information for achieving these goals . 

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