Saturday, January 16, 2016

Tools & Techniques For #Mental Health & #Happiness: Ten Reasons Why You Want To Have High Intrinsic #Self-Esteem

Experience gained from my 30+ years  in practice as a cognitive-behavioral psychologist shows that with the right tools people readily learn to elevate and maintain emotional well-being and happiness. 

At the Think Right Feel Right Blogoscope you will find the behavioral tools and techniques that help to ward off anxiety, depression and addiction.  You will learn about ways to defeat troubling emotions such as anger, worry and sadness. You will also find practical strategies for increasing self-esteem, positivity and for being a happier you. 

Self-Esteem is the foundation for personal security, emotional health and happiness. We can't have these things if this foundation is not strong. Therefore, self-esteem is a must. Now, before reading further, please be sure to read my last post entitled, “Self-Esteem; Good, Better, Best” 

Ten Reasons Why Intrinsic Self-Esteem Is Best.

 1) Intrinsic self-esteem is yours. You own it. You don't have to borrow it from others.

 2) When you provide and own your own esteem, you become less dependent.

 3) Your esteem builds and highlights your worth and self-confidence.

 4) When you already have worth, you don't waste time and energy chasing after it.

 5) Your life can be spent on worthy pursuits rather than on searching for self-worth.

 6) You love primarily because you wish to give it, not because you need to get it.

 7) Intrinsic self-esteem is the best path to resilience, emotional health and happiness.

 8) Self-esteem isn't about being better than others; it's about feeling and being well.

 9) Intrinsic self-esteem improves your ability to cope with loss and other life challenges.

10) Loving yourself is not difficult; it's just a smart choice with big benefits.

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