Tuesday, January 26, 2016

CBT & Emotional Reeducation: A Perspective For Resolving #Anxiety, #Depression, #Addiction, #Self-Esteem Issues

I like offering educational help to people who want to learn how to improve and manage their mental health and happiness on their own. For me, this means less time looking backward and more time moving forward with the skills and tools that help us master the present and future.

I find that cognitive-behavioral therapy as well as emotional reeducation provide powerful tools for resolving many "presenting" problems including, anxiety, depression, addictions, low self-esteem, loss, etc.  Skill-focused emotional reeducation helps us learn how to move past these problems. We acquire the behavioral tools that promote sound mental health, increase resilience, and we gain ability to keep problems from coming back.

The central focus of my work is helping others learn how to successfully manage their own mental health and happiness. My approach integrates cutting-edge ideas and findings from Cognitive Behavioral and Positive Psychology.  Experience shows that people can and do master the behavioral tools that allow them to optimize and sustain their emotional health and happiness.

My new book,Think Right Feel Right, presents the tools and techniques I use in my work , in a practical, self-help format. The guide has proven to be a key resource for accelerating the emotional relief, behavioral know-how and change people want.

You will also find many of these ideas and tools posted here.

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