Tuesday, January 5, 2016

#CBT Tools & Techniques For Mental Health & Happiness: How Do You Fare on the #EmotionalWellBeing Scale?

Experience gained from my 30+ years  in practice as a cognitive-behavioral psychologist shows that with the right tools people readily learn to elevate and maintain emotional well-being and happiness. 

At the Think Right Feel Right Blogoscope you will find the behavioral tools and techniques that help to ward off anxiety, depression and addiction. You will learn about ways to defeat troubling emotions such as anger, worry and sadness. You will also find practical strategies to increase self-esteem, positivity and create a happier you. 

Measure Your Emotional Well-Being:  Emotional well-being is an important index of emotional health.  I use this measure in my work as a baseline and a gauge of progress.  I present this measure in the Think Right Feel Right guide so that readers can do the same thing. 

There are four very important components to this measure of emotional well-being.  They are: 1) Your level of intrinsic self-esteem (how much you, not others, consistently esteem you; 2) Your ability to be peaceful … when you wish to be; 3) Your ability to limit and avoid emotional disturbance  that arises from anger, hurt, depression, fear, worry, guilt, or other troubling emotions; 4) Your level of happiness.  Rate yourself on a 10-point scale where "10" means you could not do any better and "1" means could not do any worse on each part.  Then pick just one number between one and ten for the four elements of well-being that best describes your average level of emotional well-being.

I use the 10-point scale to distinguish three levels of emotional well-being.  A well-being rating of one to three puts us in the perishing zone.  Four to seven falls in the languishing zone.  With a rating of eight or higher we enter the flourishing zone.  Your answer will tell you where you stand.   Now you know if you might need to go to work on your emotional well-being.

With my new CBT self-help guide, Think Right, Feel Right, you can acquire the emotional tools my clients acquire to optimize emotional health and happiness.

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