Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mindsets: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

My last post talked about "reality" and some of our views on it.  I cautioned, "look before you leap" when it comes to settling in on viewpoints about life.  Our acquired mindsets about life carry with them potential for great benefit as well as cost.

Our mindsets are composed of  various notions (beliefs and ideas) that we have acquired over time. Some of these ideas were formed at home or in school while we were growing up; some the product of further education, as well as various cultural, institutional and societal influences.

Much of the content of what we think is the end product of where we were born, how we were raised, and the experience we did and did not have.  Ideas get into our heads by design and default, for better and for worse, often staying with us and influencing our feelings and reactions over a lifetime.

Many things about who we are, both large and small, may be hinged to the winds of circumstance: whether I am Republican or Democrat; liberal, or conservative; devoutly religious, spiritual, neither; optimistic or pessimistic; nuts about sweet potatoes or maybe nuts in general!

The scripts in our mind govern and influence much of what we do and feel, regardless of how they got there or whether they help or hinder.  They allow us to assert, or keep us from asserting. They enable us to be happy or keep us from it.

Scripts matter.  Optimists rarely experience bad days, pessimists seldom have good ones.  For some, being "right" about an issue trumps being respectful; for others, being respectful comes first. Romantics endorse scripts that adorn reality; Realists strip it down.  Some are reflexively "hard" on themselves, others not so much.

Over a lifetime, the impact of these acquired scripts on our emotional health and well-being can be telling and dramatic: lives haunted by mindsets generative of anxiety, depression and addiction or lives enriched by self-awareness and fertile for positivity and prosperity.

The default settings for our mindset need to be examined and adjusted from time to time.  Sort and sift through the scripts; delete notions and viewpoints which impede happiness and prosperity, and add those which better yours and others. Take an active role in shaping and directing the realities you elect to endorse in your world so they help maximize prosperity and well-being.  Remember to stay tuned to #ThinkRightFeelRight for more useful #self-help

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