Thursday, February 22, 2018

#"Children United To End School Violence: Make Your Voice Heard" No More Finger-Pointing, No More Dying, Just Action

Because of our inaction, we are destined to see the repeating horror of more mass shootings, more loved ones slaughtered, more lives, some just beginning, forever gone, and more families and communities left with devestating pain and grief.  Our outright failure to end these tragedies points to the seriouness of our  dysfunction as a nation.

Some may seek solace by thinking, “Thank God it didn't happen here.” OK, maybe it didn't this time. So what. It happened, it happened to children and adults just like you and me, and it will keep happening. 

As more and more die, we stay mired in fruitless discord and debate over gun contol, blinded by the notion that we are on the only right side of this issue. Wrong, wrong, wrong ... stop throwing stones, there are a lot of right answers. While we finger-point and blame, our kids have an important message for us: “Enough is enough, stop the bame game, and take action, nowI" We need to listen and do it.

Our children want action now. They want these tragedies to end, and end now!  They want their world  to be safer, now!  Their voices galvanize a defining call for all of us to take action that: strengthens security in schools, reinstates the ban on assault weapons, prioritizes the mental health of America's students, and stops people with serious mental health problems from owning guns. Not later, Now!

We are failing our children. It is time for them to speak out, for us to listen, and for all of us to take action. Begin by supporting them in your community. Support a local campaign: Children United To End School Violence Now

Dr. Isett is a licensed psychologist.  He is a Fellow Member of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association and the American Psychological Association.

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